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Hi, I’m Victor. Currently a System Integrator, I became a part-time blogger sharing latest and interesting technology. Of course, I am always learning in the process of becoming an Entrepreneur. Hoping one day I have a company of my own.

Technology Sharing | Blog

My gears for Vlogging

So to kickstart my YouTube content creation journey, I need the relevant gears. As I am practising to be as minimalistic as possible, I tried to minimise my expenses on expensive gears.

Best tripod for GoPro Hero 9 – Nu Bear Nu Grip 4-in-1

This is the most awesome innovation of a handheld grip floating tripod. It floats on water and very suitable for travels. I bought this tripod via a Kickstarter campaign and it is serving me well! I bring GoPro and the Nu Bear grip to the places I go because it is so portable. You can […]

Why I bought my GoPro Hero 9 Black?

Actually I bought my first GoPro Hero 9 Black a few months back after it is available in Singapore. This is my first GoPro action camera, but I used it for my Youtube Video Logging (vlogging) purposes. You can check out my channel after reading this post. I bought it with the subscription plan as […]

Top few mobile apps essential for photographer

Hello again! This post is dedicated to anyone using their smartphones as their camera to shoot around the World. Smartphone camera is good enough to shoot a decent photo and you do not need professional or high end DSLR cameras to have the same effect. Occasionally it does especially comes to night shots. So here […]


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