So as promised, here is quick review of the camera backpack I bring for every photography trips in Singapore. Unfortunately we are unable to travel now due to the pandemic, if not at this time, we will be at Indonesia and traveled to New Zealand for a family trip. This is still my goal to achieve. New Zealand is a wonderful place. I have been there during my national service time and it is awesome. I love the calmness and scenery there.

The actual name of this backpack searching in Amazon is ELECOM DGB-S038BK Off Toco S038 2 Style Camera Backpack. Amazon is selling at SGD147 and I bought it from Tokyu Hands for SGD$149, not much difference. This camera bag comes with 2 different sizes, I got the large one as camera body and the lenses are not small. So if you want to use it for hiking plus photography trips, this will be an ideal choice for you. For your info, this is not a sponsored post, I happened to look for camera bag and came across this bag in one of the store in Suntec City. So this is my honest short review about the bag.

About this camera bag / backpack

  • Camera storage on both sides
  • Camera inner box with handle
  • Can also be used as a regular backpack
  • Two air chamber penetration structure
  • Ring-shaped fastener metal fittings

I can turn it into a backpack for daily use, and it can fit my 2L water bottle standing straight and there are still ample space in the compartment. If you never notice, there is a secret compartment at the bottom of the bag, this is the place where the poncho for the backpack is stored. Please comment below if your variant is different from mine.

This is the secret compartment I meant. It stores the poncho for the bag to make it waterproof during rainy weather. Of course you can store other stuffs in there.

After covering it with the poncho or raincoat you called it. It will look like below.

Waterproof to protect the bag from rain

But the downside of this bag, it is quite heavy after all your gears are in. I felt my shoulders becoming sore after carrying it for a long time, especially when I do hiking and photography. Of course, if you keep your posture right, you can train your shoulder and back muscles. If I am wrong, please do comment below. And with the sturdiness, it is able to stand on its own, this is what I like about it.

If you are interested to get 1 of this bag, it is available at Amazon. Check out the link here.

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