The information below are Flashback to Year 2018.

This photo was taken at 大自然文化世界 located at Taiwan. You can find more information at this website if you wish to visit.

72 metres tall Maitreya Buddha Statue and Universal Family Cultural Exhibition Centre

This buddha is known as the Happy Buddha, Joyful Buddha and Fortunate Buddha. So my family and I went to Taiwan and the main purpose of the travels is to visit this Nature Loving Wonderland. It is the last and final home that we are going head to once the World is going to destruction. You may visit their website and more information will be listed there.

~ Nature Loving Wonderland
This is my favourite. ~ Nature Loving Wonderland
The Main Shrine is marvelous. ~ Nature Loving Wonderland

Taiwan is an extremely a good country for vegetarians / vegans like us. Most of the streets have vegetarian stalls which are easily accessible and noticed. The food there is also good. If you have the chance to visit Nature Loving Wonderland, you must visit the Fortunate Cafe located in the same premise.

The Main Shrine & Fortune Square – Nature Loving Wonderland
The Universal Family Gateway ~ Nature Loving Wonderland
Guan Yin Bodhisattva 观音菩萨 ~ Nature Loving Wonderland
Fortunate Clock 幸福钟 ~ Nature Loving Wonderland

热爱大自然 展现人之美,这就是我们人类应该做的事情。

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