Alright, for those using GoPro Hero 9 as your daily use camera, have you ever thought of getting the media mod for better audio recording quality and wonder is it necessary? This is just right the post for you. I have wondered about that question too but is it really necessary to have the media mod? Audio recording from GoPro built-in microphones are decent enough together with some tuning in your editing software. But using the media mod, I have to tune the audio to remove the hummer and noise, and I am not sure whether my settings are correct because it is pretty straight forward when you connect to the GoPro.

The above is a sample and also an introduction video to my YouTube channel. All the clips are recorded with GoPro Hero 9 Black and Media mod.

Media Mod features a built-in directional mic with wind-suppression, 3.5mm mic port, HDMI-out, two cold-shoe mounts and tough weather-resistant construction.

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