Catching sunrise is the current activity we picked up during this endemic. Cycling early in the morning to catch the full sunrise at various locations, this time will be at Pasir Ris park, with a wonderful weather. Waking up at 5am, sometimes even earlier to get prepared, it is never an easy thing but the effort is worth it.

Waiting for the sun yolk to appear.

So the very first thing we reached our spot at Pasir Ris park, we quickly setup our cameras to start recording. For my Olympus camera, it will be just normal video recording mode in 4K and time lapse mode on my smartphone. Surprisingly, there are people earlier than us, waiting at the good spots for a wonderful sunrise.

So what are the benefits of catching sunrise?

  • Feels good
  • Feels recharged
  • Feels contented
  • Feels our life is wonderful

We highly recommend everyone to do the same during the weekends, to catch the wonderful sunrise shining upon Earth. If weather permits, then it will be a worthwhile trip.

Get to try different type of photography ideas
I love this shot a lot!

I love this photo a lot. The reflection on the water, and the camera as a silhouette for a good composition, make it so natural.

So the next sunrise spot that we will go will be Changi Bay PCN, and East Coast Park. There are still many places to explore, Ulu Sembawang PCN is also one of our places to visit in our list.

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