This is my second time heading to Lower Seletar Reservoir park, this time with my beloved wife. Unfortunately again, it started to drizzle when we planned to explore further after Lower Seletar Reservoir. This place is beautiful and a great spot for relaxation and some photos taking. Every time I head out to nature parks, I make it a point to bring all my essential camera gears even though they might not be used. Why? Sometimes opportunities pops up suddenly out of nowhere, and bad thing is, you do not have a camera with you. Photography is like shooting a Miracle, you will never expect that very moment pops up for a great shot.

Saw a few rocks under the MRT track.

If you want to be very near a MRT track, this is the place where you can be just under the MRT track. Did a research on Yishun area, there is another area called, Rower’s Bay which is near the Yishun Dam, it is a place where you can experience low flying landing planes to the airport nearby. So far, didn’t see any pictures on this location. It is time to check it out!

Wonderful Yishun, Strange Yishun, Most Dangerous Town

There! You can be just under the MRT track. It is safe, don’t worry as long as you don’t do some strange and stupid stunts here.

The Jetty at Lower Seletar Reservoir

When we reached this point, it started to drizzle, so we headed back to the shelter and call it a day. So stay tuned to my blog for more photo shoots or follow my instagram at @vsphotoshots

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