Actually I bought my first GoPro Hero 9 Black a few months back after it is available in Singapore. This is my first GoPro action camera, but I used it for my Youtube Video Logging (vlogging) purposes. You can check out my channel after reading this post. I bought it with the subscription plan as it is cheaper and comes with a few freebies. It is definitely worth it.

Why I chose to buy GoPro Hero 9 Black and not Sony ZV-1?

First of all, I didn’t know that Sony is coming out with a new camera catered for content creators. Yea, so I guessed I have to be more updated with the newly tech news coming out everyday to keep a lookout of new gadgets. So let’s put Sony ZV-1 aside, and talk about GoPro.

GoPro has always been in my wishlist and finally I got it for the reasons below.

  • Compact but robust. Functions are great especially with the new HyperSmooth and the front LCD! Although it is still small but visible for vlogging use.
  • Built-In wide angle and super-wide angle. This is my favourite, especially it can take almost everything in your shot.
  • Great 4K quality outdoors. I don’t really use it indoors, but I noticed the quality is not as good as when you are outdoors with lots of light.
  • Light weight. Easy to bring for travels, but COVID’19 hit us badly. So overseas travels gone.
  • Water-Resistant. Yes it can go underwater and footage is still awesome. I don’t dive, so no worries on the 30m depth.

Overall, GoPro Hero 9 is still awesome but still expensive as ever. The cons about getting GoPro actually are the separately sold accessories.

The CONS of getting a GoPro Hero 9 Black

First of all, this is not a sponsored post or biased post. I love GoPro but there are still cons to it. Hopefully, the team is considering and fixing the cons of a GoPro

  • Battery not lasting, so I bought 3 batteries to standby
  • Accessories are separately sold, the head mount, chest mount, the floating handgrip, media mod
  • Not able to zoom in and zoom out

These are the cons I know, but I bought it with the GoPro subscription, so there are few freebies which comes with the GoPro.

Image from GoPro Singapore. This is the bundle I got. Definitely worth it as it comes with the casing. So when you travel, just pack everything into the case and ready to go. Get your GoPro here.

Additional Accessories I bought

  • Media Mod, $120
  • Chesty (Chest Mount), $60
  • Head strap + Quick Clip, $40
  • Hero 9 Black Dual Battery Charger + Spare battery, $75
  • Supercharger, $85

So total I spent $910 buying GoPro for my Youtube channel. It is definitely worth buying provided you have to take care of it like your child. It is small and fragile. I realised it can record up to 5k footage, but I used only 4K. Next time I shall try on the 5K and see the quality of the video.

So if you want to know more if the media mod is useful to you, check out my Youtube video below. I recorded with the Media Mod on the front mic, and removed the hummer and noise with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Recorded 4K video and audio with GoPro Hero9 Media Mod

Also to make the GoPro bundle complete, I bought NuBear Nu Grip 4-in-1. It can turn into grip, a selfie stick, a mini tripod and even floats on water.
Image from

On my next posts, I will share with you the usefulness of this 4-in-1 Nu Grip. Worth the buy for GoPro Hero 9 Black in 2021.

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