Hello again! This post is dedicated to anyone using their smartphones as their camera to shoot around the World. Smartphone camera is good enough to shoot a decent photo and you do not need professional or high end DSLR cameras to have the same effect. Occasionally it does especially comes to night shots.

So here I am today to compile a list of mobile applications I frequently used to edit or shoot my photos.

Google Snapseed

I didn’t know Google Snapseed is so useful and powerful as an editing tool until I watched Youtube for the tutorials on Snapseed. There are so many tools available on Snapseed and you can even do masking on certain parts of the photo. You can even install Google Snapseed on your computer and it is free! Check out here, https://snapseed.online/

Snapseed has the equivalent adjustment tools as Lightroom, the only missing tool is adjusting the individual colours. Lightroom can do that. So usually what photographers do, they export the image from Snapseed to Lightroom and adjust the individual colours of the image. Nobody said you cannot use both, so why not?

Look at the adjustment tools.
This photo is edited using Snapseed with many different layers to get the desired effect.

The tools I used most of the time are Selective, Curves, Tune Image, Details, Healing, and White Balance. The rest of it are kind of effects which you can try too.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom on Mobile

You see, Lightroom has the equivalent essential adjustment tools for your image and most of the time I use Light, Color, Effects and Detail, also Healing and Selective. If you are keen to get Adobe Photography bundle, you can check it out at Adobe website. I got mine for $14 per month, and there are number of applications you can use on computer and mobile phone.

Edited using Lightroom
This illustrates the Evolution of Mobile Phone technology, from the olden days to the advanced current technology

Instagram Layout

If you are comfortable with using Instagram, it also provides the necessary adjustment tools to enhance your image. It is good enough. You can even use the Layout app to make your image looks very artistic. I tried combining 2 photos together, both with different colours and it looks cool to me.

The Layout tool can help you to create fake reflections. Then you edit with Lightroom or Snapseed to make it realistic. 🙂
This is where New Technology meets the Old Technology

And lastly Apple Proprietary Photo editor

It also contains the essential adjustment tools but there is no masking. This is important if you can do selective areas to adjust or adjust the colours individually. Not too bad for a editor, overall it is free.

So remember to download all the applications listed here for your photography journey. It is very useful and powerful.

I am going to end this post here and do check out my Instagram and Blog for more posts!

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