So to kickstart my YouTube content creation journey, I need the relevant gears. As I am practising to be as minimalistic as possible, I tried to minimise my expenses on expensive gears. So the most versatile option is to get a GoPro Hero 9, you can check out this blog post of mine. It is light, compact and excellent in videos, it can get to 5K resolution.

Cameras and Accessories

GoPro Hero 9 Black – One of my favourite compact action camera till date. It has a front screen which allows you to review your current composition and your position when you are recording in vlogging style. This is so useful especially it is so near the lens, and not making it obvious that your eyes are looking at the screen instead of the lens. I have tried vlogging with my old Nikon DSLR with the flip screen and most of the time, you will see my head is pointing towards the lens but my eyes are looking to the left. This is so weird. In addition, it can records up to 5K. So if you are thinking of getting a light, compact and useful camera for vlogging, you can consider GoPro Hero 9 Black.

GoPro Hero 9 Black with Media Mod

GoPro Hero 9 Media Mod – Media Mod, microphone for GoPro Hero 9 Black. Audio quality is still decent and cost SGD$120.00. It is still affordable but quality is not bad. Previously I got a Rode VideoMicro which does not have any batteries powering it. It has only one 3.5mm audio jack, and I am really unsure whether it is working or not. I tested the audio and seems no difference. Rode VideoMicro is much more cheaper. Media Mod is a recommended buy if you are looking for a fast and cheap setup for vlogging use.

Apple iPhone 11 – Mobile phone for my daily use as well as Mobile Photography. But soon iPhone 11 is going to phase off as iPhone 12 is out in the market now. Smartphone cameras can be great or even comparable with DSLR cameras but there is one factor that you will missed if you give up on DSLR. It is the ability to zoom in and still get great photos and videos footages. Smartphone can be very convenient and you can shoot and edit instantly on the go. This is the winning point of using your smartphone as a camera and a vlogging camera. By the way, vlogging does not need to zoom, so this can be the most recommended device for vlogging.

Olympus OMD E-M10 Mark 3 – This is my main entry level camera I used to take photos at the places I go. Mostly I use it with a 40mm-150mm Zoom lens to shoot photos of wild animals in the nature reserves of Singapore. I also used it to record videos of the animals when I visit Singapore Zoo (Check out the YouTube Video here). Photography has always been my hobby and also the reason why I bought this Micro Four Thirds camera. It is compact and portable for travels. Thumbs up but I would still recommend to go for Full Frame Cameras. Spend the money and you will not regret getting a full frame camera.

Olympus OMD E-M10 Mark III with kit lens and 40-150mm zoom lens

And of course with a camera backpack which I bought from a Japanese shop, it is called the Tokyu Hands in Singapore. The camera bag is big, and comes with a separate pouch to keep the camera body and lenses. It comes also with a rain poncho to wrap the whole bag. There are many pockets for you to keep the necessary stuffs for a photography shoot outdoors. However, the downside of this bag is too bulky. I guess this is the strong point of a camera backpack. On my next post, I will review the backpack I used for the photography trips. Stay tuned!

My wife took a photo of me when I was doing a YouTube vlog today. Light and easy to hold for the Nu grip.

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