Unexpected changes of plan

For most of the time, we always have a plan ahead so that we know what to achieve within the next few months. As there is a saying, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”, so planning is a very important key aspect of my life. If we don’t plan for the future, then where is the future?

However, we have to succumb to the unexpected changes of plan due to some circumstances. Let’s talk about getting a car in Singapore. Initially, I thought of getting a smaller hatchback vehicle enough for 2 persons usage and some groceries shopping, which the boot is big enough to fetch groceries, and if we have kids, it will be sufficient. So I bought a Honda Jazz 1.5RS model, using it for almost 2 and half years, I felt that the vehicle is no longer sufficient to cater to our needs. Sometimes, planning a few years ahead will be altered with a minor change in life.

However, planning is crucial especially financially. Always come up with a savings plan of yourself to cater to your daily needs. If one bank account cannot restrain you from spending your savings, then apply for another bank account to ensure savings are untouched. In this way, it is part of the planning of the future. Learn to adapt fast to unexpected changes of plan, it will help.

I am a techie guy, and I love to buy new gadgets, so this is 1 way to control myself from spending on new gadgets. If you have ways to share on how to control your finances, please comment below so I can learn if it is practical to me.

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