Re-visiting my purpose of Life and going Vegan

For all these years I have to thank my Mom for not encouraging and allowing me to become Police, Lawyer or Doctor. Every decision comes from her Wisdom and already pre-planned ahead of time. Why do I say so? Because those jobs if taken as a career, I considered they are no life jobs. I apologised for saying this. These jobs has long working hours, and there are little time to accompany your family and friends. Fortunately I worked as a System Engineer and it gave me the flexibility to learn new technology, spend time with family, doing what I love, pursuing my passion but until lately, I realised I am living in the life of someone’s else. My job has become the same job as that of a Police, Lawyer or Doctor.

I decided to quit my job

The decision is firm. I wanted to try something else, working for myself rather than someone’s else. Pursuing my dreams with my passion built into it. I want to start a Video production company and also an IT Services company. For video production, that is where YouTube channel comes about. Start small and dream big. What is the main reason I quit my job? It is not stressful, but the job is physically and mentally tired. As I need to stay late some days for system maintenance or supporting other teams.

In turn, it eats away all the family time. However, if you say doing your own business needs to utilise more time, I agree but it is doing for myself, for my family and for my future. It is definitely worth it.

Practise Minimalism

If I do a home tour now, once you see it, you will faint. My home is too cluttered with too many stuffs. 2 bookshelves of Books, mostly by Reader’s Digest. All of them are good books but I don’t have the habit of reading ever since the Smartphone era comes about. As an IT geek, I have to keep following up with technology and gadgets as I am providing support to users in the company. Besides gadgets, most of the stuffs are gifts from my family and friends. So the next goal of mine will be heading towards minimalism, I believed minimalism is able to tone oneself’s personality towards appreciating the simple things of Life. So lead a simple lifestyle, go Minimalism. First task is to declutter my house.

Next, going Vegan

This has been an ongoing goal for me from being a vegetarian going vegan. It is so tough to control myself as eggs and cheese are my favourites, yoghurt and ice cream too. Although there are vegan eggs, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream, they are so EXPENSIVE and some has weird taste (especially some cheese). Why do vegan stuffs has to be so costly? I am born as a Vegetarian, going vegan in a short while is difficult. What my wife told me is to have Determination. Today, I decided to go full Vegan as it can helps in having a healthy lifestyle, which also served as a factor in my new purpose of Life. Do check out my blog for my journey towards Veganism.

To lead a Healthy Lifestyle

How? By doing workouts everyday, to tone the muscles and soothe the heart. I am heavily overweight now as a Vegetarian. People used to say Vegetarians are weak and skinny, and when people told me that, immediately I avoid that person. Why? When I look at myself, I knew that person is a liar instantly. 😆 I am not weak and not skinny. In fact, vegetarians has the most energy as we consumed directly our source of energy, the plants. I will also share the daily workouts and routine of my new purpose of Life.

Join me to go Vegan and transform that into Power!

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