Time to start afresh for my blog and life

I came to a decision that I should reorganise my blog as it is feeling too messy for readers to read. Do you agree? I searched and review through many themes and came across this theme which has the minimal look on the front page. A thumbnails of all the posts in a organised manner.

A little introduction about myself. I am a Senior Technical Consultant working full time and photography is my hobby which occasionally I will snap some photographs and post in my Instagram. Many times I hope that I can be more active in blogging so that my readers will not forget about me, but I failed. I apologised for the late updates as I do not have the habit to post frequently and especially during this pandemic period, working from home permanently now, it is even lesser for me to head out.

Do you still head out when you are working from home? Moving from a stable office bound job to a System Integrator job, this will be a great start for me to experience the different. Taking this first step is also one step to starting my Technology services company.

This is just the beginning of a long journey.

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