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Jurong Lake Gardens – Singapore

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not updating frequently as I have just landed in a new job recently. So I have to balance out my Work and personal life to perfection. Finally, I got the time to update this blog of mine to show you how beautiful Singapore can be even though she is just a small country. Singapore does not only contains buildings and more buildings, it conserves most of the natural habitat and forested areas for us to relax and have a hike. So Jurong Lake Gardens park is a famous and popular park because the park doesn’t look like it is in Singapore.

Not sure if it is due to COVID-19, the grasslands are much more natural now.

Look at the grasslands, standing in the middle of the grasslands and have a photo, it will showcase you as if you are overseas. Unfortunately it started to rain heavily, and not many photos are taken during my trip there.

Definitely we will head there again and pray that it will be a good weather for exploration.

Hopefully the gardeners don’t cut away the grass, then it will be completely flat.

So we also visited the popular lone tree which is made of copper wires if I remember correctly. From far, it looks like a real tree.

It is not a real tree.

This is 1 of the iconic spots for photography if you love to be part of nature. I will go there again and this time, record every moment as a video to Youtube. Stay tuned and check it out in my Youtube Channel.

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