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Singapore’s highest pedestrian Bridge – Henderson waves

Sadly to say that we are not able to travel abroad during this pandemic period especially all borders are closed to stop tourists entering any countries. Singapore is the same and is just a tiny island, where can we go? Luckily Singapore still has her flora and fauna, even though we are just a tiny red dot. Singapore has conserved most of its land for wildlife and natural habitats. So the citizens here can explore Singapore at their own time and take it as a trip locally. Just like us, we planned to hike Singapore nature trails such as this highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, called the “Henderson Waves”.

So our plan is to hike from Mount Faber to Henderson Waves. If you just want to get to Henderson Waves without much walking, you have to climb this flight of stairs. It is a long flight of stairs to climb, for your information first.

This is just part of it. Shot using Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III. Edited with Adobe Lightroom of course.

So we took the long way as it is much more pleasant to hike, a little bit of uphills and downhills, but still manageable.

The view from Henderson Waves

Indeed, it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, 36 metres above ground. If you are afraid of heights, then I warned you first, this is really high. If you want to walk further to Telok Blangah Hill Park or Hort Park, you have to pass through the metal bridge same height as the trees.

Metal Bridge
Squirrel on the Tree

With so many trees around us, definitely we will see our good nature friends. Spotted a squirrel running across the tree branches and managed to get a quick shot using Aperture Priority mode. If you want to know more about Photography, please visit my Photography Guide here.

This trail is a short walk from Mount Faber to Henderson Waves. You can check out my video on Youtube below.

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