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Singapore – Yishun Neighbourhood Park

Being born in Singapore, there are many places which I have not visit yet. This time, I visited my neighbourhood park at Yishun area. This park is quite small but it links to a pond nearby which is quiet and peaceful. Singapore is small, but there are many natural places for us to release our stress and troubles.

Shot taken with Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

It is a very small park, park size around 13.9 hectares, but trust me, you can walk without any tiredness. However, my wife said it is big.

Some history of Yishun

Developed on an old rubber estate, Yishun Park is home to an array of tropical fruit trees and natural vegetation. With facilities such as children playgrounds, fitness corners, an amphitheatre and multi-purpose courts, there’s something for everyone. The playgrounds provide children with hours of fun while the multi-purpose courts are great venues for family gatherings and activities.

Walking under the trees
A tiny spider that I found and managed to get this shot with 40-150mm zoom lens

Myself love to shoot Nature as Nature is a miracle. Humans are also a miracle created by our Heavenly Mother, no one can explain how our body works and how they work as one. So if you are staying in Singapore, don’t be afraid to step into Yishun as there are not many strange happenings as what the media had shown. Yishun is a very peaceful and quiet place but sometimes you will meet strange and weird people, I guessed this is common in other areas too.

Please stay safe everyone!

For more action views, you can check out my Youtube video below for Yishun Park. A very short one just for memory.

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