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A Weekend at Marina Barrage Singapore

Marina Barrage is actually a reservoir built in the city area. However, it becomes a tourist attractions because of the rooftop garden and the view of Singapore’s cityscapes. The best part is, it is linked to Gardens By The Bay. So if you are looking for a spot for relaxation and relieve all your worries, Marina Barrage is the ideal place to have your weekends spent. Do check out my portfolio page for Marina Barrage.

with 45MM Prime Lens
Flying kites

Spend a day flying kites and watching it gliding and floating in the sky. Not sure whether is the right words to use, but yes, it is very relaxing. Surprisingly, many youngsters including us are flying kites during weekends. However, due to this COVID, enjoyment are not that great because of the mask.

It is not that crowded compared to pre-COVID times

For photographers, if you want to take a timelapse of the Singapore Flyer during the night, I think this will be a good place as we can see the Singapore Flyer from afar. A full view of the Singapore Flyer. If you are tired of coming to this place, you can walk to Gardens By The Bay by a bridge connecting to it. Singapore is small, therefore very accessible if you are willing to walk or cycle.

Marina Barrage 2020

Do checkout my Youtube video below when we head to Marina Barrage for a Sunday picnic.

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