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Singapore – Clarke Quay

It has been another great day and days before my wife’s birthday, we went to Clarke Quay Singapore to have a sumptuous dinner and also photography shoot. This time, I am trying out portrait photography and my wife is my model of the night. Night shoot is a challenge, especially when there is not much lighting around the area of composition. Nevertheless, I managed to get some shots of my wife before we head home to end the night.

Since this COVID’19 pandemic, Clarke Quay is much quieter now, lesser crowds and lesser human traffic. It is such a pity that the world has come to this current state.

Sitting down and relaxing at the river bank is the best thing to do at such hour. Many people are doing that, and with a little wind, it makes the night a great one.

A group of people
Trying to get a car shot

This is how we spent our Friday night at Clarke Quay. If you are into night life, this will be your favourite place for relaxation and chilling out. Do check out my portfolio page for more photos of the different locations in Singapore!

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