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Singapore – Pasir Ris Park (Beach)

This is one of my favourite beaches in Singapore, one of the cleanest beach with a large land area of playground for kids and adults to enjoy. A wonderful venue for picnics, family and friends gathering, and relaxation moments. Sitting along the beach, enjoying the cool sea breeze, loving the sunset is a way to recharge our human battery. We do need to have these relaxing moments so we can strive further. So words less, photos more.

My Gear

  • Apple iPhone 11 (that’s all)
Pasir Ris Beach

With just an iPhone 11, you can shoot great photos if you can get the composition right and plus a great weather. Weather plays an important role in any photography, I love sunny days as it gives you enough light for the landscape shots.

Pasir Ris Beach

The photo above makes me love the beach even more. Look at the blue sky, the clouds and the people in there, they make the photo looks great. By the way, no photo editing is done on these photos.

Do checkout my Photography Page for more photos of the individual venues in Singapore.

A Panorama photo shot with iPhone 11

Definitely Pasir Ris Beach is a great venue to spend the day alone or together with your family and friends. It is also a great photography spot for wildlife birds. Last week, we spotted 3 Hornbills which are a very rare sight. Since the Circuit Breaker starts in Singapore, all these parks are closed. Therefore I think, it becomes their habitat which is the right way.

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