Gratitude to my comrades

Heard the news about my company’s retrenchment and my colleagues, that are brothers to me are asked to leave. We have sailed and fought on for the past 5 years, enduring together the hardships and the difficult times. Enjoying our meals together with laughter and sometimes do have conflicts. Due to this COVID’19, company has no choice but to bid farewell to them, leaving us with a team of 3 to continue striving. It is a matter of time whether it will be my turn. Pray for the best.

Be like water ~ Bruce Lee, it is shapeless, adapts to anything.

It is difficult to accept that some of my colleagues are gone and we have to strive on their behalf to make the company better. I sincerely hope that all of them will bloom like the flower below and creating the best of them.

Jewel Changi Airport

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