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Singapore – Toa Payoh Town Park

Although Singapore is a country or known as a small city, there is a presence of nature in Singapore. Town Parks are one of the favourite spots for citizens to exercise, relax and enjoy the time with family. I have been living in Singapore for so long, 20 years and I have not visited most of the nature parks in Singapore. Do you believe this is my first time visiting Toa Payoh Town park? Honestly, yes, this is my first time.

It is a small town park but to my surprise, there are more friends of nature roaming around the park.

There are butterflies and many more friends from the insect world

This beautiful butterfly caught my eye, and it is so difficult to capture a shot with it flying around. Patience is the key for a great photo. For this photo, I shot with 45mm Zuiko Prime lens at F1.8. This lens is awesome.

Not forgetting the pond, it is also difficult to capture this as they keep moving around and also afraid that my camera will drop into the pond.

There are a few old trees which grew diagonally, not sure why but it is a good photograph for me. The above image are edited with one of my presets, do check out this post.

I love to take photographs of nature as they makes me feel very relaxing and blissful. Nature are part of our lives and we have to cherish them.

Toa Payoh Town Park is a beautiful place for you to visit. Singapore is small and there are not many attractions for tourists to visit, but do remember there are many nature parks in Singapore that you can visit. Each park are designed differently and has different attractive points. There are many parks to go and stay tuned to my blog for more Local Travels.

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